the perfect ride

Bespoke Cycles is San Francisco’s first dedicated bike fit studio, operating since 2007. We have expanded to offer much more since then but our custom fit services are still the foundation of what we do.

Our passion for bicycling is characterized by an appreciation for precision craftsmanship, design, and fit. The perfect cycling experience requires not just a well-made bike, but symbiosis with the biomechanics of the rider. The result is an efficient, beautiful, singular, rider-bicycle machine.

Every bicycle we create begins with fitting the rider to their ideal position for long-term performance, comfort and well being. We work with a variety of builders to design the ideal frame that addresses the fit, features, and budget of your dream bike. Each component is selected to insure that your bike meets your performance ability and expectations, whether you need an aggressive time trial frame or a comfort-focused touring bike.

why custom
is more important to you
than to a pro rider

Many people believe that a custom made bike far exceeds their needs and is only appropriate for a professional cyclist. The truth is that a custom made bicycle can bring greater benefits to recreational riders and amateur racers than to professionals. Most high quality stock bicycles today are made with a racer’s pedigree in mind, yet a professional cyclist can ride well on almost anything. The rest of us need a bike that will remain comfortable even on an all day ride, day after day, and that will help us perform better rather than work against us. A custom bicycle can help you feel more confident and in control.